Le Blaxton a choisi de soutenir la jeunesse à travers la Fondation Petits bonheurs d’école.

The Blaxton group is a main partner in supporting our youth through the « Petits Bonheur D’école » foundation.

This foundation’s mission is helping children between the age of 5-12 years old, from 126 different primary schools on the north shore of the greater Quebec region, get through school.

The foundation is directly implicated financially and morally through providing children with eyewear, school supplies and clothing, among other things, and facilitating access to specialized social services such as health checkups and psychological support.

Each year Blaxton Pub&Grill organises a beneficial cocktail evening as a fundraiser for the foundation. Since the inception of this partnership, Blaxton group has raised more than 150,000$ !